The attorneys at Vollrath Law share more than their identical profession, they are sisters. Stephanie Vollrath, Esq., and Sharon Vollrath, Esq., both followed an untraditional path to their legal practice. Raised together in San Francisco, both, at different times, moved to central Florida to raise their respective families. Remarkably, both sisters chose a late career in law.

A Firm Committed to Clients and Community

The Vollrath sisters are long-time residents of central Florida with strong ties to the local area. Both are committed to helping their fellow Seminole County Residents. Vollrath Law's Paralegal, Beverley Lewis, is also a long-time Oviedo resident.

The People's Counsel

After establishing Vollrath Law, the sisters discovered an old family coat of arms. Incredibly, the German surname "Vollrath" literally translates to "The People's Counsel". Thrilled to discover that the family name fit perfectly with the firms values, Vollrath Law immediately implemented "The People's Counsel" as its motto, and trademarked the term.

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