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The death of a family member is a challenging time made more difficult by the prospect of probating an estate. When our clients are facing a process that is often impossible to avoid, we focus on making every step as painless as possible.

At Vollrath Law, we help central Florida residents probate estates irrespective of whether a will exists. From small estates to those with more complex business interests and assets in multiple jurisdictions, we provide the results for our clients.

At Your Side During The Legally Complex And Emotionally Charged Process Of Probate

The probate process can take more than one form:

  • Summary administration is a shortcut for estates with assets valued at $75,000 or less. The court does not appoint a personal representative, or executor. Instead, it issues an order releasing the property to the rightful beneficiaries.
  • Formal administration is required for most estates over $75,000. The court appoints a personal representative who gathers and inventories assets, pays debts and taxes, and distributes to the remainder to the appropriate beneficiaries.

Estate administration lawyer Stephanie Vollrath represents those named personal representatives in the probate proceeding. The founder of our firm also represents heirs who want to challenge for a personal representative who is unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties.

Our practice includes not only estate planning, but also probate administration and probate litigation. Comprehensive services at a single location provide Florida residents with the option of retaining a single attorney and firm.

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