Central Florida Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Florida you want to be assured that the agreements you sign and the property you are purchasing will not come with unwanted surprises. We want to protect your interests and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. At Vollrath Law, we bring peace of mind to our clients by providing a full range of real estate services. Our experienced real estate attorney represents buyers and sellers with respect to all real estate matters, including:

  • Negotiating terms of the real estate purchase and sales agreements
  • Drafting residential real estate contracts
  • Reviewing contracts to ensure clients' interests are protected
  • Explaining material contract terms to ensure clients fully understand
  • Reviewing and analyzing the status of title to the property
  • Resolving title issues
  • Reviewing Surveys and resolving survey issues
  • Preparing and/or reviewing closing documents
  • Reviewing loan documents and mortgage agreements
  • Discussing types of ownership and title to the property.

Title Services In Central Florida

We can serve as your closing agent - providing you the benefit of having a representative who is knowledgeable in real estate law involved throughout the process - most often for the same amount that you would spend on a title agency. It's important to note that if any legal questions arise throughout the transaction, our real estate lawyers can provide legal advice; a title agency cannot.

Our experience, skill, and dedication serve sellers, buyers, investors, developers, real estate agents and private lenders.

Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in which we can answer your questions and recommend the best steps to take. We serve clients throughout Central Florida.