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Getting Divorced in Oviedo, FL 

Getting divorced in Oviedo, FL, is emotional. It’s normal to feel sad, angry, scared and overwhelmed. But it’s important to remember that you are not alone.

Here’s an overview of key information about getting a divorce in Oviedo, FL.

Grounds for Divorce

Grounds for divorce is a legal term to describe why a couple chooses to end their marriage. In Florida, family law courts will grant a divorce on two grounds: irretrievable marriage breakdown or mental incapacity.

Residency Requirement

To file for divorce in Florida, one of the two spouses must be a resident of the state for at least six months before filing the divorce petition. You must meet this residency requirement before the court accepts the divorce petition. Once the filing spouse has met all the requirements, they can file the papers with the court and begin the divorce process.

Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce in Florida 

Contested and uncontested divorces are two different types of divorce proceedings available in Florida.

A contested divorce is when both parties dispute the terms of the divorce, while an uncontested divorce is when both parties agree to the terms.

Let’s look at each.

Uncontested Divorce

  • Faster process since both parties agree on the terms
  • Lower cost since there is no need for a trial
  • Less stressful since the parties don’t need to appear in court
  • May require a mediator to reach an agreement
  • Allows the parties to negotiate a divorce settlement that meets their individual needs

Contested Divorce

  • Allows the parties to present their case in court
  • Allows the court to make a binding decision on the matter
  • More expensive since it requires a trial
  • More time consuming since the process can take months or even years
  • May result in an unfavorable outcome if the court decides against the wishes of one of the parties

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your unique situation. At Vollrath Law, we’ll be there for you no matter your decision.

Why Hire an Oviedo Divorce Lawyer? 

Hiring a divorce lawyer is essential if you are considering filing for divorce. Without the assistance of a skilled and experienced family law attorney, the dissolution of marriage can be difficult and time-consuming and create potentially irreparable issues.

A divorce lawyer can help guide you through the process, ensuring your legal rights are protected and you receive the best possible outcome.

A divorce lawyer will be able to:

  • Advise you on the best course of action to take regarding the division of assets, child custody, and alimony
  • Represent you in court, if necessary
  • Ensure that the process is conducted following Florida law
  • Help you reach a favorable settlement agreement

Having a divorce lawyer on your side can also be beneficial in terms of reducing the stress and anxiety associated with the divorce process. Your lawyer can take on the burden of the legal work and help you focus on the more emotional aspects of the process. This can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

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If you are considering a divorce, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to advocate for you and your rights.

At Vollrath Law, we have a proven track record of delivering successful results to our clients in divorce-related matters in Oviedo and throughout Seminole County. We will review your unique situation, provide honest and sound advice, and ensure you get the best outcome possible.

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With our strategy in place, we’ll work with you to bring your legal matter to a successful resolution. No matter what legal challenge your family is facing, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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We understand that legal paperwork can be overwhelming, but we’ll make it easy and stress-free for you. We’ll help you prepare and file any necessary documents, ensuring that everything is accurate and up-to-date.

Finding Common Ground:

In some cases, negotiations and mediation can help resolve legal matters without going to court. We’ll work with you to find common ground and reach a resolution that meets your needs and goals.

Moving Forward with Confidence:

Our final step is to help you achieve success and move forward with confidence. Whether it’s a finalized estate plan that provides peace of mind, or a successful divorce settlement that protects your interests, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and thrive in the future.

FAQ: Oviedo Divorce

How long does a divorce take in Florida?

The length of a divorce in Florida depends on the complexity of the case and whether it is contested or uncontested. Generally, an uncontested divorce can take as little as two weeks, while more complex cases can take several months or more.

What documents do I need to file for divorce in Florida?

The documents you need to file for divorce vary depending on your particular circumstances. Generally, you must file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, a Financial Affidavit, a Parenting Plan (if you have minor children), and other documents related to your specific situation.

How much does a divorce cost in Florida?

The cost of a divorce in Florida can vary depending on the case’s complexity. Generally, you can expect to pay court filing fees of around $400, as well as attorney’s fees and other costs associated with the case.

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